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Final Cut Pro 101: An Introduction to Final Cut Pro X

£595 (3 Days)

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Final Cut Pro X Introduction Training Book

Alchemea is an established training centre offering Final Cut Pro X training to UK residents as well as students from overseas. Our training facilities are the best in the country and our trainers are not only Apple Experts but industry professionals. Final Cut Pro X is a revolutionary video editing application that makes it possible for beginners and seasoned professionals to achieve stunning results. This Apple authorised three-day, hands-on course teaches students to perform basic editing functions while becoming familiar with the user interface. The course starts with basic video editing techniques and works all the way through FCP’s more powerful and advanced features. Students work with dramatic real-world media to learn the practical techniques used daily in editing projects.



Who Should Attend?


This class is designed for anyone looking to edit professional-quality video with Final Cut Pro X and who prefers hands-on and interactive instruction to best explore its functionality.



  • Basic Knowledge of a Mac and the OSX operating system
  • Knowledge of basic video editing terminology

Exploring the Interface

Understand Final Cut Pro X workflow, Opening Final Cut Pro, Exploring the interface, Selecting and viewing events, Skim clips and change views, Organising the project library, Navigate projects in the timeline, Hiding and quitting Final Cut Pro


Creating a new event, Importing files, Analysing and Correcting Imported clips, Importing from a camera, Importing from the finder, Importing from other applications, Creating a camera archive. Organizing Clips in an Event, Understanding Metadata, Using metadata to customize events, Adding keywords to clips, Assigning multiple keywords, Keyword clip ranges, Rating clips and selections, Sorting and searching using metadata, Adding notes to clips, Creating smart collections

Building a Rough Cut

working with projects, Screen and mark clips, Using the append edit option, Arranging clips in the timeline, Working with the magnetic timeline, Inserting clips, Using drag and drop editing, Making changes to project clips, Tracking changes and creating backups, Connecting clips to the primary storyline

Finishing the Rough Cut

Adding markers to project clips, connecting clips, Replacing clips, Overwrite clips, Audition clips, Creating and changing new storylines

Fine-Tuning the Rough Cut

Removing selected ranges, Adding gap clips, Using the range selection tool, Understanding trimming, Ripple trim with the select tool, Ripple and roll trim with the trim tool, Slipping a clip, Sliding a clip, Extending edit points
Applying transitions, Using the transitions browser, Modifying transitions, changing parameters in the inspector, Copying and replace transitions, Create a compound clip, add transitions to a storyline and compound clip, applying audio transitions

Working with sound

Monitor and adjust audio levels in the timeline, Adding sound effects and music, Adjusting audio levels in the audio inspector, Apply fades and crossfades, Record voiceovers, Use Auditions, Correcting audio problems, Adding Keyframes

Working with Titles, Generators and Themes

Using the titles browser, Adding a lower third, Making changes in the inspector, Import still images to bumper/opens, Working with generators, Exploring title themes

Retiming and Transporting Clips

Understanding Final Cut Pro retiming, Reversing clip directions, Changing clip speeds, Applying freeze frames, Applying speed changes to a selection, Applying rewind and instant replay, Transforming and cropping clips, Creating keyboard shortcuts

Applying Effects and Enhancing Colour

Applying video effects, Modifying effects parameters, Auditioning effects, Animating effects using Keyframes, Applying audio effects, Understanding Colour Correction, Balancing colour, Using the colour board, Matching colours

Exporting and Sharing Your Project

Adjusting audio peaks, Conforming video levels for broadcast, exporting a quicktime movie, Exporting an audio file, Publish to itunes and Apple devices, Share with the media browser, Publish to Youtube and other video sharing site, Export a still frame, Burn to discs and create an .img file, Backing up projects and events

Apple's professional applications are the industry standard for photographers, editors, sound designers, visual effects and multimedia artists. Certifications are available for Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, and Motion.


Apple Certified Pro - Level One demonstrates essential operational knowledge of an application. Level One exams are administered at the end of the associated course.


Apple Certified Pro - Level Two attests to a deeper understanding and mastery of advanced features. Level Two exams can be taken only after Level One certification is earned.


If you wish you can take this exam at the end of the third day of your training under exam conditions. The pass mark is 80% and if you pass you become an "Apple Certified Pro" (Level 1). You also get a nice certificate from Apple!


The price of the exam is £60 if booked with a course and £90 at all other times.


Apple Certificates

It is advisable to bring a notepad and a pen to take notes during the course. Everything else will be provided for you!
This venue for this course it at our Windsor Centre facility in Islington.

Alchemea, The Windsor Centre, Windsor Street, London, N1 8QG
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From: 07 May 2014
To: 09 May 2014
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From: 19 November 2014
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