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MC 201 – Media Composer 7 – Professional Picture and Sound Editing

£900 (£660 freelancer rate) 3-days

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This course provides the skills and in-depth knowledge needed to become a professional editor. It covers Media Management, Advanced Picture Editing and Advanced Sound Editing. This course prepares trainees for the Advanced Media Composer 7 certification.


Topics covered

  • Overview of post production workflows
  • Professional acquisition
  • Organising project assets
  • Managing Media Files
  • Archiving and Deletions
  • Editing montages
  • Editing scripted projects
  • Trimming dialogue
  • Multicam editing
  • Working with mixed media
  • Fundamentals of audio editing and PT interop
  • Audio sweetening with EQ
  • AudioSuite and RTAS Effects
  • Multichannel surround mixing


This course is aimed at
Ideally, those who have completed the new MC 101 (since Sept. '09), or have equivalent experience. The course is designed to take your offline skills, speed and efficiency to the next level.


Aimed at editors who are familiar with the editing tools in Media Composer and are ready to move ahead within Avid Media Composer 7. Completion of Media Composer 7 (Part 1) MC 101 Editing Essentials is highly recommended.

Lesson 1 – How Workflow Makes, Manages and Moves Media

Understanding Workflow, Goals of Great Workflows, Understanding Offline and Online Procedures, Understanding Media and Clips, Media Drives, Understanding Media Files, Codecs, Clips & linked Media Files, Advanced Media files and Clips

Lesson 2 – Professional Acquisition

Tape, Video I/O and Monitoring, Workflows for Capturing, Preparing to Ingest from Tape, Extra Audio Setup, Extra Features from the Capture Tool, Using the Console While Capturing, File Based Acquisition Using Avid Media Access, Using the AMA Workflow, Caveats of AMA

Lesson 3 – Advanced Picture Editing

Working with Multiple Tracks, Cleaning Tracks, Enhancing Functions with Modifier Keys, Three – Point Editing Power User Tricks, Intergrating Mixed Media, Modifying Motion Adapters, Reformatting Media

Lesson 4 – Play Together

Editors Dialogue, Markers, Comments, Colour Coding Clips, Duplicating Media and Bins, Shared Media and bins with avid Unity

Lesson 5 – Multicamera Editing

Preparing the Production Team, Avid’s Multicamera Editing Workflows, Setting Up Multicamera Editing, Editing Audio, Multicamera Performance, Editing a Multicamera Sequence, Committing Multicamera Edits

Lesson 6 – Script Integration and ScriptSync

What is Lined Script, Using Script Integration, Working with Slates, Adding Script Marks, Additional Scriptsync Options, Using Avid ScriptSync, Editing with the Script Window, Enriching Scripts

Lesson 7 – Advanced Dialogue Editing

How Trimming Works, Trim Tool, Creating a Radio Edit, Using Dynamic Trimming, Using Split Edits, Advanced Trim Techniques

Lesson 8 – Working with Multichannel Audio

Understanding Tracks, Channels and Voices, Multichannel Enhancements in Media Composer, Using the Track Control Panel, Working with Surround Sound, Using the Audio Mixer for Multichannel Mixing

Lesson 9 – Fundamentals of Audio Mixing

Goals of Sound Mixing, What is Dynamic Range, Creating a Mix, Understanding the Mixing Workflow, Understanding Avid Pro Tools Interoperability

Lesson 10 – Adjusting Audio EQ

Understanding Audio Equalization (EQ), Using Average Frequencies for Common Sounds, Exploring AudioEQ Tools and Plug-Ins, Using Audiosuite EQ III Plug-In, Attacking an Unwanted Noise, Audio EQ examples, Using EQ Tool’s Preset Filters

Lesson 11 – Real – Time Audiosuite (RTAS)

RTAS compared with Audiosuite Effects, Inserting RTAS Effects, Editing an RTAS Plug-In, Understanding RTAS Mixdown Workflows, Limiting and Compressing Peak Values

Lesson 12 – Wrapping Up a Project

Preparing for Online Editing, Creating an Online Project, Archiving your project

Lesson 13 – Mastering the Media

Understanding the Media Tool, Solving the Problem of Corrupt Media Files, Clearing Rendered Effects, Consolidating Media, Transcoding Media, Relinking Media, Adding and Stripping Out Tracks

The Avid Media Composer Certified User Exam is the first of two certification exams that allow you to become Avid Certified. The two combined certifications offer an established and recognized goal for both academic users and industry professionals as shown in the graphic below. The Avid Media Composer User Certification requires that you display a firm grasp of the core skills, workflows, and concepts of non-linear editing on the Avid Media Composer system. Avid collaborated with a team of test development consultants and technology subject matter experts throughout the exam development process to ensure the exam is reliable, fair, and valid.


Media Composer Certification Tree



An Avid Certified User credential allows you to:

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Make your résumé stand out with downloadable logos
  • Prove your credentials with a Certificate of Achievement
  • Gain recognition from your employer and peers with our online Certified Professional listing


Q-01: What is the Media Composer Certified User exam?

A-01: The Media Composer Certified User exam is designed to assess a candidate's core skills for editing with Avid Media Composer, including the fundamental concepts and workflow of editing. The Media Composer User Certification requires that you display a firm grasp of the core skills, workflows, and concepts of non-linear editing on the Avid Media Composer system. The exam covers content from the MC101: Media Composer Editing Essentials 3-day course (or equivalent real-world product experience) and the MC110: Media Composer Effects Essentials 2-day course. Read More


Q-02: Why should I obtain this certification?

A-02: As a professional, an Avid Certified credential allows you to:

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Make your résumé stand out
  • Attract and win new business
  • Gain recognition from your employer and peers
  • Leverage the power of the Avid brand

As an employer, use the Avid Certified credential as a benchmark so you can:

  • Find the right person for the job
  • Quickly assess candidate skill level
  • Invest in and promote your most promising employees
  • Keep your systems running at top performance, with little to no downtime


Q-03: Who should take the Media Composer Certified User exam?

A-03: Avid Media Composer Certified User exam candidates might be aspiring film and television editors, multimedia producers, or anyone involved in the video and film production process. The exam is designed for individuals who possess a fundamental understanding of and the capability to use Avid Media Composer to edit a project through completion, with all of the basic operational skills to capture and manage media, edit, apply effects, color correct, and output the finished program.

For more detailed information on what is covered on the Media Composer Certified User exam, see the Media Composer Certified User Exam Blueprint.


Q-04: How do I register for the Media Composer Certified User exam?

A-04: Call or email Peter on 02073593986 to schedule your exam


Q-05: What happens if I take the exam and do not pass?

A-05: Exam results are shown immediately when an exam is completed and submitted for evaluation. Unless a candidate is banned from retaking the exams for reasons of fraud or rule violations, the following retake policy applies:

  • If a candidate does not pass a certification exam, the candidate may retake the exam after 24 hours have passed.
  • When a candidate has passed a certification exam, it may not be taken again for that version of the Avid product.


Q-06: What should I bring with me to take the exam?

A-06: You may be required to bring two forms of personal identification with you to the exam testing center. Exam participants are not permitted to access personal items or belongings during the exam. This includes, but is not limited to, cellular phones, personal computers, notebooks, and backpacks.


Q-07: Can I refer to study materials during the exam?

A-07: No. Candidates are not allowed to reference any documentation or study materials during the exam.


Q-08: What is the format of the exam?

A-08: The Media Composer Certified User exam is comprised of 60 questions and is directly tied to the Media Composer Editing Essentials and Media Composer Effects Essentials course content. The time allotted to complete the exam is 75 minutes.

Test items are presented in the following formats:

  • Multiple Choice: Select the single option that best answers the question
  • Illustration Review: Refer to the illustration (e.g. Media Composer user interface, movie frame, etc.) prior to answering the multiple choice or multiple response question


Q-09: What will I receive if I successfully pass the exam?

A-09: Along with becoming a part of an elite group of Media Composer users, you will receive:

  1. Official certificate emailed to you, proving your Media Composer 6 User status.
  2. Logos electronically delivered to you, for use in your business marketing materials such as business cards and websites.
  3. (Optional with your express consent) Listing of your credentials on Avid.com. (http://www.avid.com/US/support/training/find-professional)
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