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I would like to thank you for a superb course. It was a brilliant week, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a hell of a lot. Both tutors were very patient with all the questions that I threw at them and somehow we covered all the topics without seeming to rush through things. Gaeran Southern, The Production Academy - 2014
I must say this course is first class, and amazing value for money! Barnaby Thwaites, Production Academy, 2014
I've studied for almost 7 years now after high school, and these last three days have been the best lectures I have ever had, I can't see myself doing anything other than post-production now, just brilliant! Mohammed Ashraf, Post Production & Game Sound Diploma, 2013
Very good course covering many of the essential changing topics I need to know for work. Justin Really Knows his stuff! Malcolm Thorp - Freelance Dubbing Engineer, Surround, Metering & Deliverables
The course and tutor were really good, I learned so much in the 2 days. I'm definitely going to enroll on the advanced courses! Ricardo Kevin Thomas, Ableton 101, 2013

A lot of things have happened (for the better) in my life and I have to say that my passing through Alchemea has a lot to do with it. I now live in Bergen, Norway with my girlfriend (as was planned) and I’m building my little home studio and writing music for an upcoming new album aaaaand....I got a FANTASTIC JOB as a live sound engineer at a place called PAP (PA Produksjoner) Bergen....and that makes me a genuinely happy guy.

The training Alchemea is giving is FANTASTIC!!! I can’t be more GRATEFUL to Alchemea because I probably wouldn’t be here doing what I do, having the life I have and working in what I work (confidently!!!) if it wasn’t for the time I spent there; all the knowledge, professionalism, ethics and values I learn from everyone at Alchemea gave me the right bases to start a career as a professional...WOW!!


People don’t question what you know when they see your passionate about what you do and when they see you know what you’re doing. I’m SOOOOOOOOO lucky I got to learn from the best and I’m so glad I did these course with the enthusiasm I did, INSPIRED by the real, true passion that everyone there has for audio and for true professionalism...it’s contagious!!!


Thank you once again, although a simple thank you can’t really express my gratitude and love!!! I have to say those times have been one of my happiest in life!

Sebastian Acosta, Studio Sound & Music Production Diploma (2011/12)
"At Brit Row Training the staff take a genuine interest in their students which doesn't end with the course. A great introduction to the live music industry." Geoff Goddard, Brit Row LSTC 2013
"Fantastic course run by hard-working professionals in a great space. Highly recommend" Hannah Brodrick, Brit Row LSTC 2014
I Will be telling all my friends how great this course was. The tutor is so knowledgeable. I learned more in these two days than I did in two years of college. Jacob Western, Mixing Techniques Weekend Course - 2013
Very enjoyable, I would definitely recommend. I'm actually excited about mixing now whereas the thought of if used to fill me with dread. Caroline Smith, Mixing Techniques Weekend Course - 2013
"I found the course to be very informative and well structured. It certainly, for me, filled the gaps in my knowledge about the science of sound which allowed any previous experience of recording I had to make more sense. The practical demonstrations in the studio were very well explained and Marcel, our tutor, was always clear, patient and enthusiastic throughout the duration of the course. I would not hesitate to recommend Alchemea to others." Caroline Smith, Recording Techniques Weekend Course 2013
The course provides excellent experience and improves your skills to work in film, television and electronics as a live sound engineer or studio engineer, and to work across faculties helping media and film students build up their portfolio. Lecturers encourage and support cross faculty communication so everyone can produce the best portfolios possible throughout their university experience. Clare Burns, BSc (Hons) Audio and Music Technology
Thanks for great year and for a really good course. I enjoyed every second of the Studio Sound Diploma and i've been recommending the course to sound geeks on this island in the north. Since the course i've been mixing two albums from two different bands and recording for another one here so that's kind of my first "job" after the course....it's great fun! Gudmundur Thor Gunnarsson , Studio Sound Diploma 2012
This course was exactly what I was looking for and more - Justin taught to my level and was able to explain the new loudness regulations perfectly. Jose Pereira - Freelance Dubbing Engineer, Surround, Metering & Deliverables
After researching for Sound Engineering Courses in London I came across Alchemea’s website and felt it was undoubtedly the best place to study. I was also attracted to the fact they were the Europe’s leading Pro Tools Training Centre (Avid Pro School) and my training would be delivered by leading industry professionals.

I therefore signed up to take the “Diploma in Studio Sound Engineering” integrating the Pro Tools music, post and ICON certification modules. The course was very intensive and required a great deal of hard work, commitment and time, but it was definitely worth the effort. Getting my hands on amazing equipment, learning from experienced professionals and making new friends from many cultural backgrounds were among my best experiences at the college.

Once I finished all the courses in Dec 2010, I decided to take my Pro Tools knowledge to the highest level by signing up for the 310M & 310P (Expert) modules. It was incredibly tough but I passed and am very grateful for I received in helping me to succeed and achieve my goals.

Overall, I would strongly recommend Alchemea and would like to say a big thank you the staff for giving me the real world knowledge and confidence to pursue a career in pro-audio. The experience will be cherished for the rest of my life. Vinit Gala: India , 2010/11
I really enjoyed my time as a student on Alchemea’s Live Sound Diploma course. The course syllabus is very comprehensive. Just about everything is covered in some way so that there are few nasty surprises out in the real world. Whether it is constructing a line array or fixing a dodgy XLR, throwing a quick and dirty live mix together or just turning up to a gig on time - the course has covered it all. You may not come out of the end of the course being an expert in everything but you should at least have had some exposure to enable you to overcome anything that is thrown at you. I would highly recommend Alchemea’s Live Sound Diploma to anyone interested in building a career as a Live Sound Engineer. Simon Hussey, Live Sound Diploma 2010
I'm DONE. What an amazing 9 months on Alchemea's Studio Sound Diploma course. Huge shout out to all Alchemea staff for making it so great. Met so many wonderful people. Feeling very lucky to have been a part of this school! Simon D Pratt, SSD 2012
'In Holland I have had really good Protools courses. But Alchemea is just more than taking courses and doing exams! Its Audio everywhere, its meeting other (international) audio students, its having teachers putting the courses at a higher real-world level. No secrets just giving you all the opportunities you can get while using top facilities. The finest Audio atmosphere I have ever experienced after taking 7 courses during 4 weeks, is at Alchemea.' Paul Go (Senior Lecturer at Mediatechnologie, University of Applied Science, Utrecht) , Pro Tools (Music & Post Expert)
Today is a pretty important day in my life. I got an intern job at a post production facility. It is just an intern job but it is a huge chance for me to grow in the industry I love the most. I realise how much the education you guys gave me in the Studio Sound Diploma made an actual proper difference in getting the owner to hire me. I thank you guys so much, I arrived at the College with just a so-called DJ audio knowledge and now I'm hopefully starting a pro career, and you have a big share of the merit. Flavio Diolaiti, SSDLSD 2012
Had such a great last 9 months on the Studio Sound Diploma, learnt loads of awesome things, got to play with some amazing tools, was taught by fabulous lecturers & met some fantastic people. It's been an absolute pleasure! Joe Standen, SSD 2012
"For me, choosing the Live Sound Diploma at Alchemea was the best decision I have ever made. It has given me all the knowledge I needed to get started in the world of live sound and concert touring. One of the main benefits was the help I received to seek out work once I graduated, the support network the college offers is second to none. This has enabled me to tour the world, mix on the main stage at some major festivals with number 1 selling Artists . If you are looking for a career in live sound and have the drive, there isn't a better place in the UK to achieve it." Gary Curtis, Live Sound Diploma 2011
I really enjoyed the course, teaching, SM staff and the company. Bruce was excellent - great teaching style, personable and passionate. The week was really good. I've had fun and learnt so much! Simon Cunningham, Sample Magic Summer School - 2012
The course design was perfect for what I needed and I learned a lot of essential techniques. I found the instructor really informative and interactive. He made the course really enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Alchemea and will return at some point for the advanced FCPX course. Grace Proctor, Final Cut Pro X 101 - 2012
The instructor had a really good teaching style. The course ran at a good pace but there was always time to be able to go over certain things again if necessary. Julia Newton, Final Cut Pro X 101 - 2012
There was nothing that I didn't enjoy. Everything was relevant and I learnt something new from every session. Neil Ferry, Sample Magic Summer School - 2012
Bruce was fantastic - great presentation and teaching Jerome Meunier, Sample Magic Summer School - 2012
The most beneficial and inspiring week I've had around music production Andy Nathan, Sample Magic Summer School - 2012
I've enjoyed being here! Everyone at the School is friendly, outgoing and nice to talk to. The tech guys were fantastic - especially for the mastering and vocal recording sessions Torsten Miland, Sample Magic Summer School - 2012
The instructor was a top bloke who made some fairly chunky subject matter easy to digest. Giles Harvey - Luttrell Productions, Premiere Pro Advanced - 2012
Very enjoyable course, well taught and the lunch is great - Definitely Recommended! Verity Harvey - Luttrell Productions, Premiere Pro Intro - 2012
A fantastic and original way of being taught music theory. After trying to understand the basic concepts behind theory for far too long, I have finally begun to grasp it and have thoroughly enjoyed Mat's lectures. Dan Hopwood, Hotwired 2011
I have learnt more in the past few days than I have in the last 4 years in school. I feel really inspired. I can go out there and create music from having no musical experience before. Vibrant and exciting to say the least. Andy Shepherd, Hotwired 2011
Mat is a fantastic teacher - Inspiring and professional! His techniques are different and better than anything I've come across before and it's been a great experience having him as a teacher. David Royse, Hotwired 2011
As a mature student at Alchemea and having dabbled with guitar and keyboards since the mid seventies, I found Mat's lessons inspiring and underpinned and gave meaning to a lot of the things I had picked up myself. John Dent, Hotwired 2011
"Hi Tony - Just to say thought the courses were brilliant and Marco was very helpful, he was probably sick of all my questions but hid it well. Thank you for all your help!" Rob Hayes, Crash Course & Logic 101: 2008
"I found the Business For Music course invaluable; even though I have been a music industry professional for many years, the course makes it easy to understand the structure and function of music publishing, public performance, recording rights, royalties and record labels, and all the other relevant processes that will enable me to start up my own business" Rick Conrad, Business of Music: 2011
"This is just a quick email to say a huge thank you for the excellent Music Tech Crash Course that I attended on Sat 11 Oct. In my opinion, the course did exactly what it said on the tin (as they say!). The course has inspired me to take my sound recording further and in time take some more training. What was really refreshing too, was that diversity of students, from a wide variety of backgrounds, but all coming together to share a passion for furthering their knowledge of music and sound production. This created an informal but creative atmosphere for learning." Keith Simmonds, Intro to Music Technology: 2007
"Alchemea's Ableton Live has allowed me to get my head around the new possibilities of more than just Djing. Reasonably easy to understand and friendly atmosphere!!" DJ Pathaan, Ableton Live 101: 2008
"Absolutely wikked Ableton Live course, it was fun and interesting at the same time. Surroundings and tutor were great. A big shout for Alchemea. See you again soon." Sanjeev Bhardwaj (Sanj - Technical Manager f a b r i c ), Ableton Live 101: 2008
"Doing the technology courses (Pro Tools, Logic, Reason & Ableton) at Alchemea has sped up my learning curve immensely, and has been an invaluable experience. I feel a lot more confident with my studio skills and the production jobs are starting to pour in. (Oh yeah and the delis around the school are very nice as well)." http://web.mac.com/vigsound Marcelo Vig (session drummer, programmer, producer) (Patrick Wolf, Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Will Smith), Feedback for Various Short Courses: 2007
"Thanks for the great Pro Tools Expert and ICON training Neil, Justin and all at Alchemea. The family vibe is friendly and laid back but also intensive and very professional. I realised that to get on in the industry it was essential for me know Pro Tools inside out. Since gaining certification my confidence has grown and I have picked up lots of new work as a producer, programmer and pro tools operator (recently the live recording engineer for Daniel Powter, The Rasmus, Katy Perry & Eliseo Parra). Alchemea is for sure the best place to learn Pro Tools in Europe. Many thank and see you all again soon." www.myspace.com/saulsounddesign Saul Pariente (Producer Engineer), Pro Tools (Expert & ICON)
"I just wanted to write to you to say thanks for all this Pro Tools expert experience with you guys. (It was the most stressful experience of my life. jaja.) This was probably the most challenging goals I have set my self to achieve so far, and I'm pretty sure that what I have gained from this experience will be of great help in my developing career. Because of this, I just wanted to thank you all for helping me throughout this process. Good Luck and I'll see you soon!" Daniel Jaramillo (Pro Tools Music Expert / Freelance Audio Engineer), Pro Tools (Music & Post Expert & ICON)
"Alchemea College is the perfect place to learn everything from recording, to mixing and mastering, as well as Post Production. Of course it requires a lot of effort, committement and time, but it's definetely worth it. The skills i gained at the college were crucial for me to find work after the course completition, especially the Pro Tools lectures. The Software is well taught by industry professionals and is present in every workstation and computer in the college, and this makes the learning process much easier." Paulo G, Studio Sound Diploma 2009
Great course, awesome lecturers, anyone who has any interest in recording or live sound should check it out! I was a total novice coming into this, not even half way through and have already learned so much - Alchemea = awesome!!! Russell Nie, Studio Sound Diploma: 2010
"Needing to supply a Pro Tools 130 course for games for our clients at Plan Advanca in Spain, we naturally chose Alchemea as the best training centre in Europe for our needs. As always, the reception we received was extremely professional and hospitable. The course, delivered by the extremely knowledgable Neil Pickles was impeccable, and covered not only the PT 130 module itself, but also revealed insights into the programmes used, the application of the workflow and valuable information, ideas and experience on delivering the module ourselves. Although our class was made up of Pro Tools training partners with the same objective as myself and my partner Gonzalo Lasheras, I would highly recommend this course for anyone with an interest in Gaming Technology, or in furthering their knowledge of using Pro Tools for post production and cross media technology, and would highly recommend Alchemea as the place to gain a professional grounding in this subject. As a fully professional training centre, Alchemea will remain my point of reference for all my (and my company's) training needs. Thanks once again guys, keep up the good work! Barry Sage (Proaudiotec S.L. Spain), Pro Tools 130: 2010
Pro Tools 130 Game Audio is a very novel and unique course that should be taken by any sound designer/musician that is interested in understanding how to work with game audio. As lecturer, Pro Tools instructor and sound designer I saw a good opportunity to stretch my skill range and to introduce this, at university level, in my own country since I don't know any other Game Audio course out there that can be as challenging and engaging as this one. The information provided was spot on and the exercises that followed the instructor's presentation gave me a way to put into practice what I was being taught having Pro Tools as the main tool for the job. Overall I was very happy with the course! Ricardo Braganca (Lecturer, Sound Designer & Pro Tools Instructor, Portugal), Pro Tools 130: 2011
"In the hope of improving my production skills I decided to take a the Logic 101, Recording and Mixing weekend courses at Alchemea and I was not disappointed. The facilities were great, the courses were taught in more detail than I could have hoped for and the tutors were not only knowledgeable but passionate about the recording of music which was in itself inspiring. I came away having filled vast gaps in my knowledge of recording, production and mixing. Many thanks to Marcel, Alex and Gary. I will definitely be back for more." Luke Bullen (Drummer / Engineer for KT Tunstall), Misc Short Courses 2011
I found the course very well organised, both in the excellent facilities at Alchemea and in the day to day presentation. As an artist, late in life, trying to learn new skills is hard, but the course was well paced in delivery and met my requirements. I got to know the essentials, and some twiddly bits. There was time to practice and the tutor answered all questions thoroughly, keeping jargon to the minimum. Ian Chandler, FCP X 101, 2011
“The Apple courses at Alchemea were fun and productive. I had the pleasure of working with Gary Bromham of Olympic studios for my 101, who gave a great insight to both the Logic software and its uses in the industry today. The classes were fun, and there was always a great atmosphere. I’m now a recognised Apple Pro User (Level 1 & 2) and have a much improved workflow and understanding of Logic Pro. I would like to thank Alchemea for the course, and my tutors Alex Burak and Gary Bromham for doing a great job!” Dean McCarthy, Logic 101 & 301, 2010
"I've attended both Apple Motion and Apple Color courses at Alchemea and both were excellent. The facilities are great and the teacher had a good pace in conjunction with the content of the courses. I can (and have) recommend Alchemea to other people. The hospitality of the Alchemea staff was a part of the good experience." Kenneth Stevenson, Motion 101, 2011
"I attended the FCP101 course recently at Alchemea and was very impressed with the course on offer. Although my level of editing was not of a high standard I was able to grasp the content on offer and the tutor was patient and willing to help out at any given stage of the course.I found the system of teaching to be suitably high and was able to grasp the finer details of the course using the easy step by step approach. I highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to learn the finer points of FCP editing. I now apply the techniques taught to me on a daily basis in my job as videographer and editor. Thank you very much indeed" Mykel Nicolaou, FCP 101, 2011
"Alchemea is a great centre in an easy to reach location. The staff were helpful and we found the trainers to be engaging. I'd have no problem in recommending Alchemea as a training centre. Richard House is a Children's Hospice that sometimes struggles to get its name out there and we've realised that video is a key avenue for us. So I sent both of my communications officers on the Final Cut Pro Training course and they have both comeback enthused and energised by the experience. It has given my organisation extra confidence to produce high-quality videos that will appeal to our community and hopefully reach out to some of the children and their families that previous did not know about the services we provide." Niall Couper, FCP 101, 2011
"I've recently completed the FCP 101 course at Alchemea.The course was run incredibly professionally yet in a relaxed environment by an expert tutor who trained us up to pass the course exam. The equipment we used was always of the highest standard too. I also found the staff at Alchemea to be very friendly & helpful at all times.Before taking the course I looked at various colleges & found Alchemea to be the best in town. For anyone looking to further their skills & therefore career, I can't recommend Alchemea highly enough." Dan Smith, FCP 101, 2011
Thoroughly enjoyable course, cant wait to get on the next one! Many thanks Myles Bourne, After Effects 101, 2011
"I thought I would let you know that I have been taken on by Fabric as a Sound Assistant for this coming Friday and will be paid £150!! I am very chuffed and just shows that doing work experience for free does pay off and I have learnt the right things. They said they did not have any work for 2 months when I spoke to them two weeks ago, so I said i would work for free last week and obviously liked my vibe and so created a job for me. They have a list of engineers that they could call but chose me. I hope this leads to more work there and at other venues. Anyway I thought I would say thanks for the hard work you guys have put into the coarse. The fee has been worth every penny." Sacha Hansler, Live Sound Diploma 2010
A brilliant course. Thoroughly enjoyed good professional tuition. Myles Bourne, FCP X 101, 2011
This was a very useful run through the basics of a very complicated tool. The instructor gave very clear instructions and was patient with my mistakes. I learned alot! Conor Molloy, Photoshop 101, 2011
Very professional tuition making the course extremely enjoyable Myles Bourne, Photoshop 101, 2011
“I learnt more about streamlining my work in 2 days than I have in 2 years” Patrick Michaud, Media Composer 201
“Met my expectations in every way – has given me the grounding for basic offline editing, which is exactly what I needed” Daniela Antonini, Media Composer 101
“Good grounding in the basics. I felt it was pitched at exactly the right level” Lynda Thompson, Film Council, Editing - Fundamental Concepts
“Fantastic course!” Soraya Nakasuwan, Editing - Fundamental Concepts
“The course met my expectations in every way! Very good!” Ryan Coughlan, Ogilvy and Mather, Media Composer 101
“Great tuition from real experts” Matthew Snead, Media Composer 101
"The training has been a life change; I started editing the day after the course was finished and I am using it every day." David Iacolucci, Media Composer 101
The electronics course provided by Alex was very informative, and clarified many things which I did not fully understand. Enjoyed building the pre amp and was amazed at the quality of the sound when finished. Alex kept class sizes small so if we needed any help he could assist us without needing to wait. e was always willing to help, even when we made the most silly of mistakes! Mark Dale, Practical Electronics - 2012
Testimonial for this course coming soon ,
“A superb three days , thanks” Ed Arnold, Practical Electronics 2012