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Terms & Conditions

Alchemea College Registration Agreement Terms and Conditions


1.      Definitions
The following words, as explained, are used in this registration agreement:
1.1. “Course” means the series of classes and practical studio work in which the student is enrolled.
1.2. “Diploma Course” refers to a Course lasting 4 weeks or more and will comprise a range of subjects, equipment and software applications.
1.3. “Short Course” refers to courses lasting from 1 to 30 days and usually relates to a specific subject or software application.  The content of some applications may be covered in a series of short courses.
1.4. “College” means Alchemea College and/or its appointed agents.
1.5. “Registration Fee” means the sum of money paid by the student to reserve a place in one of Alchemea’s courses.
1.6. “Student” means the signatory to these terms and conditions.
1.7. “Studio” means the studios and workstations provided for students both in the college premises and outside.
1.8. “Point of Contact” means lecture or scheduled exam.


2.      Fees & Refunds
2.1. The student agrees to pay the full Registration Fee upon application.  For Diploma Courses the balance of the fees is due at least six weeks before the course start date and two weeks for Short Courses.
2.2. Course Fees & Registration Fee are non-refundable. The College will hold your account in credit and Student’s can use their credit to pay for any other course at Alchemea. The student may change the start date of their course or switch to another course by notifying a memeber of Alchemea’s admission team in writing.  For changes to Diploma course bookings there will be no charge provided the notification is received at least six weeks prior to the start of the existing booking.  For Short Courses, the deadline change date is at least thirty days prior to the start date of the existing booking.  If notice of less than six weeks (for Diploma courses) or thirty days (for Short Courses) is given, the registration fee will be forfeited. The student may book onto another course but must pay the registration fee again.
2.3. If a student applies for a loan and it is refused or their student visa application is rejected, Alchemea will refund any registration fee minus a £60 administration charge.  If a Tier-4 Student visa request is rejected due to avoidable errors by the Student in the application process, the Student will be required to pay a £500 fee to cover the cost of providing a new CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies).
2.4. The Alchemea instalment plan is only available for students resident in the United Kingdom and will only be made available at the discretion of the College. Interest will be chargeed on instalment payments. Students who fail to keep up with repayments will be suspended from the course until overdue payments have been received. Alchemea reserves the right to take whatever action is necessary to recover the outstanding debt, including taking legal action and referring the outstanding balance to a debt collection agency.  Such actions will have a negative impact on the student’s credit rating and will affect his/her ability to apply for credit in the future.
2.5. Students on some Diploma courses are entitled to have issued to them certain pieces of equipment and accessories to help them in their studies.  Such equipment and accessories will only be allocated to a student once at least 35% of the total course fees have been received by Alchemea.


3.      Course Content, Scheduling and Cancellation of Courses
3.1. The Student understands that the College is entitled to change the content the Course in which the student is enrolled at any time, allowing for new topics to be introduced and inappropriate topics to be deleted, without prior notice.
3.2. The College reserves the right to cancel any course before the course is scheduled to commence.  In this instance the course fee will be refunded in full.
3.3. The College reserves the right to change the trainer and/or facility at any time.
3.4. If a course is re-arranged or cancelled you have the option to re-schedule or receive a full refund. If a course is scheduled or re-arranged with less than 2-weeks to go before the original start date we will provide a course credit to compensate for reasonable travel cancellation charges incurred.
3.5. While we try to give ample advance notice when a course is cancelled, we recommend that you do not make travel arrangements until 2 weeks prior to the start of the course.


4.       Studio and Equipment use
4.1. The student is responsible for ensuring that none of the equipment is damaged or stolen as a direct or indirect result of a failure on his or her part to exercise reasonable care in use of the equipment made available for their use.
4.2. If a student invites a guest or guests (e.g. musicians) into the Alchemea studios, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure the guest(s) observe College rules and regulations, especially relating to Health & Safety and Security.
4.3. In the event that the equipment in the studio is not functioning during the student’s use of the studio, the student agrees to notify the on-duty supervisor immediately, giving full details of the fault.
4.4. In the event that the equipment in the studio(s) is damaged or stolen during the student’s use of the studio as a result of failure on his or her part to exercise reasonable care in the studio(s), the student agrees to pay, within twenty one (21) days, all costs related to replacing, repairing or hiring replacements for such equipment.
4.5. The College reserves the right to cancel the student’s booked studio time. All attempts will be made to notify the student of such cancellation. Times lost due to such cancellation will be re-booked in favour of the student.


5.      Attendance
5.1. Diploma Courses only: Student attendance is monitored throughout the duration of the course and mapped against our disciplinary procedure which is outlined in our student  handbooks. For the purpose of monitoring and to facilitate our disciplinary procedure we work to guidelines set out by the Organisations who have accredited the College. If a student’s misses 3 expected points of contact they will receive a first “warning”. After missing 6 expected points of contact the student will receive a second “written” warning. After missing 9 points of expected contact, the student will receive a third and final warning. After missing 10 points of expected contact, the student’ course will be terminated. Exceptions will be made on humanitarian grounds.
5.2. Students are expected to arrive on time for their lectures. If a student is late for a lecture more than 3 times without warning or good reason then they will be subject to Alchemea’s disciplinary procedure.
5.3. The student will not be allowed to attend lectures or studio time, if his or her fees are not paid in full or instalment payments are in arrears.  Exceptions may be made for commercial customers from whom we have received an official purchase order.
5.4. Diploma Students: Special importance is given to practical time. Students will have to complete all exercises set in the curriculum, engineering sessions as outlined during the course. Since the college is open 24 hours a day, it will be expected that students will be required to work through the night. When practical work requires students to attend venues outside Alchemea, it is the student’s responsibility to arrive at the venue on time and at their own expense.


6.      Accreditation
6.1 Students are assessed throughout the course, on a competency basis. A report is drafted on each student, and that report is the basis of the SAC and / or the Diploma. The pass mark is 50% and to attain the “Diploma” a student must achieve 70%. Students must score 90% or over on their online Avid Pro Tools 201 & 210 exam to become a “Certified Pro Tools Operator”. If a student fails the 201 or 210 exam on a second attempt, Avid will charge a fee for re-examination.

7.      Entry Requirements
7.1 Due to their intensive nature, the minimum age requirement for ALCHEMEA’S full time courses is 18.
7.2 Enrolment is subject to an interview with the College Registrar. If the Registrar has doubts regarding the prospective student’s suitability for the course then a College Director will hold a second interview. Where it is not possible for candidates to visit the College, interviews will be conducted via Skype. This helps us to validate candidate identity.
7.3 We require students to have achieved a grade C or above in maths and a science at GCSE level. We will make exceptions for students with associated industry and academic experience.
7.4 To support application we require candidates to forward copies of academic and professional qualifications and where applicable, English language certificates. Their validity will be verified against NARIC’s database (www.naric.org.uk).
7.5    If your application is successful we will require 2 signed passport photographs, a copy of your passport (photo page & front cover) and for students outside the European Union, a signed copy of your student VISA.


8.      International Students
Alchemea are an A rated licensed sponsor under Tier 4 of the Points Based System. Providing the requirements are met, ALCHEMEA will assist students from outside the EU in obtaining a Student’s Visa. Once we have received the correct validated documentation and the course fee we will issue candidates with a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies). When applying for a student visa please make sure that you have provided the correct supporting documentation. Failure to do so will result in your visa application being rejected. There is a £500 administration fee to re-issue a CAS. If we allocate a CAS and the student does not attend a course we will inform the UKBA. We will also inform the UKBA if a student’s course is terminated.


9.      Outside Work
When it is necessary for students to take equipment out of the premises, this should be prearranged, and equipment, signed for. It is advisable for students to arrange insurance on equipment themselves, since they are personally liable for any damage or loss of the equipment. The proof of insurance might be requested prior to lending of the equipment. This insurance can be arranged via the college. Equipment is only allowed out of the premises if it is being used as part of the course.

10.      Equal Opportunities
Policy ALCHEMEA admits students of any race, colour, national and ethnic origin. ALCHEMEA does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, handicap or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and other college administered programmes.


11. Job Opportunities
Students who receive their Diploma and display a good attitude during their studies will be put forward for job interviews as they arise. ALCHEMEA has strong links with leading studios these employers recognise the quality of our graduates. ALCHEMEA is pro-active in assisting students with CV preparation and we have a dedicated staff member who assists students to find employment.