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Music Theory and Composition Courses


In proud association with Hotwired Music, Alchemea are pleased to announce 2 new short courses in modern music composition. The music composition courses are geared for the computer based musician showing the necessary techniques to accomplish great drum patterns, bass lines, chord progressions, melodies and much, much more.


The Hotwired Philosophy


 The Hotwired philosophy is very simple. Music is a language – thus having command of a large and varied vocabulary facilitates a freer and more eloquent form of expression. Hotwired music composition courses are “enablers” for each individual. They awaken the realisation within that music is a form of communication and much of what we want to say is already inside; we just need to know how to let it out. Read More…


Course Options

This intensive 1-day music composition crash course aims to give you the foundation tools to achieve your ambitions in a much shorter time that other more traditional forms of learning. It is aimed at beginners and intermediate level composers and topics include – scales, visual mapping, chords, inversions, finger and hand techniques, harmonies, arrangement and much much more. Our trainer Mat McKinley’s unique teaching and philosophy result in students getting incredible results very quickly. Read More...
This course comprises of the 1-day Hotwired module and an additional day of more advance applied study. One day-2 students cover topics including rhythm, time signatures, counter points, voice leading, and song formatting. You will also explore quick-fire composition techniques. Course material and exercise are presented in an original, informative and inspiring format designed to accelerate the learning curve. Read More...