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Britannia Row – Live Sound Technology Course

£6,000 (12 weeks) - £5,750 for Alchemea Diploma students

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Next Course Dates

5th January 2015

30th March 2015



12-weeks (Full Time)



Certificate awarded by Britannia Row Productions Training


Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age: 18
  • Good level of spoken / written English
  • Successful interview


Britannia Row Production Training

Britannia Row Productions is one of Britain’s longest established and busiest Audio rental companies. For over 35 years they have been supplying sound systems and technical staff for tours and events worldwide. In summer 2012 Britannia Row Productions provided the sound for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert in front of London’s Buckingham Palace, as well as a six week festival in Hyde park and many other events during this remarkable period. Britannia Row Productions were also heavily involved in a major sporting event that was held in London and other parts of the country this summer and their many summer tours included Foo fighters, Tenacious D, Beady Eye, Simple Minds, Lynard Skynard, The Cure, DJ Fresh, Kasabian, Limp Bizkit, Bryan Adams, Duran Duran, Sound Garden and provided systems for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.


Britannia Row Productions is deeply embedded in the live, international audio industry. We own a large range of cutting edge audio equipment and have a wide pool of sound engineers and audio technicians of the highest calibre whose daily job it is to produce great-sounding, successful events.


Over the past three decades they have built this worldwide network of skilled professionals by developing our in-house training as we feel that the external courses we have observed do not provide the experience and preparation needed for live sound work at the level we are working at.


Training from the heart of the industry

Demand for such in-house industry training has been strong, but until now, they have only trained for their own direct needs. Their expertise and equipment are now available for a limited number of motivated people aspiring to be a successful live sound professionals. Intensive courses, packed with industry knowledge, thorough practice on audio equipment and delivered by well-credited sound engineers will give students the opportunity to reach a level of being ready for production work in a relatively short space of time.


Courses are conducted at dedicated premises and equipment is drawn from our wide range of technology and not limited to a few examples.


Britannia Row Productions – Training is a new concept: Unlike colleges that were established to provide mainly theoretical education and which pursue industry connections and placements, Britannia Row Productions is a leading commercial company within the industry and its training course provides a balanced mix of the practical and theoretical experience needed in today’s audio working environment. This gives students a very direct exposure to what is relevant in this line of work in terms of skills, equipment and personal connections. On top of this the new training division will guarantee continuation on a paid apprenticeship for the best graduate of each intake.


Britannia Row Productions knows exactly what it takes to produce world class audio for live events: Skilled and experienced people who know the equipment, can work with other departments and make it happen even under pressure. They offer the training for these requirements and to provide a straight-forward entry into the live sound industry.


Britannia Row’s Live Sound Technology Course provides a short-cut entry path into the live sound industry. Unlike other audio, sound or music technology courses, it focuses exactly on the skills needed for work. You will learn directly from the industry, taught by sound engineers and audio technicians who work at the highest levels in live sound. Britannia Row offers the opportunity to learn with a range of equipment that exceeds that offered by any other education option. They run this intensive course at dedicated premises which feature a permanent and comprehensive PA and monitor system set-up, rather than merely visiting places to access equipment. This facility greatly assists students in preparing directly for a career in live audio. The course has been written by a team of industry experts with the brief to create the course that will provide the best preparation for the industry’s needs. The result is an intensive programme of theory and practice across all aspects of live sound.



The course is taught by live sound engineers and audio technicians who work for Britannia Row Productions with the biggest names in the music and event industry. Each topic is taught by a professional who specialises in that area of expertise. Sessions follow a structured plan designed to guide trainees through each topic and integrate practical experience.



The course is taught using worldclass professional audio equipment from Britannia Row Productions’ enormous pool of consoles, speaker systems, monitors, wireless systems, microphones and outboard processors. Working in Live Sound requires experience of a broad range of industry standard equipment. It is not sufficient to only learn one or two consoles and only one type of speaker system.


Through the immense experience within Britannia Row Productions a wide selection of equipment has been incorporated in the course curriculum. As the course progresses through different topics the equipment is made available for trainees to learn and practice hands-on.


Consoles taught include:
• Yamaha
• Digico
• Avid
• Midas

Britannia Row's speaker stock is drawn from leading manufacturers, including L-Acoustics, d&b and Turbosound.

Training Space

The course has been designed with the aim of integrating theoretical and practical learning. This can only be achieved if all teaching takes place on the same premises where live sound can be practiced. Our training space is the former Britannia Row Productions warehouse in London where the company made history for more than twenty years.


The premises combine a modern classroom in a spacious environment where sound systems are set up and used for practical learning. The permanent sound system within that space is augmented by different equipment in accordance with the curriculum. In addition trainees get the opportunity to experience a professional environment at Britannia Row Productions’ premises in Twickenham where a number of course activities take place. Trainees also get to spend time at external venues during Gig Visits.



A unique feature of this course is the guarantee that the graduate with the highest result of each intake will be offered a one year paid apprenticeship with Britannia Row Productions.


This demonstrates the confidence in the training and assessment of the Live Sound Technology course. Apart from this guaranteed placement, other trainees get networking opportunities through the close integration with Britannia Row Productions as well as through the contact with the industry professionals delivering the course.



If you have any questions or would like to enrol please email info@alchemea.com. Alternatively call us on 020 7359 3986


Course Structure

The course immerses trainees in Live Sound for a very intensive 12-week period with course activities on every week day and most Saturdays. The main Sessions comprise a mixture of classroom-based learning and  practical teaching. Trainees also get the opportunity to practice with equipment after the end of each Session. For specific consoles we offer dedicated times for trainees to use the desk, supervised and guided by a tutor. 

All techniques and equipment knowledge learned will eventually be used in two blocks of dedicated “Band Days” during which trainees prepare, set up and run a practice concert with a band. The following topics will be covered:

  • Acoustics
  • Electrical circuits and Mains
  • System components
  • Analogue signal flow
  • Preparation processes
  • Health & Safety
  • Microphones
  • Stagecraft
  • Analogue Consoles & Signal
  • Processing
  • Loudspeaker systems
  • Monitors
  • Wireless
  • System Design & Optimisation
  • Digital consoles – Yamaha
  • Digital Consoles – Digico
  • Digital Consoles – Avid
  • Digital Consoles – Midas
  • Line arrays, analysis &
  • Prediction
  • Rigging
  • Sound for Theatre & Classical
  • Mixing
  • Audio for corporate and
  • Broadcast
  • Festival & multiband production

Trainees are assessed under a number of criteria to ensure that the Live Sound Technology Certificate awarded by Britannia Row Productions Training is a mark of quality, representing knowledge, skills and ability gained as required in the industry. A total of three exams gives trainees the opportunity to demonstrate their theory knowledge and practical skills. These exams comprise a theory section and a practical assessment. In addition, trainees also submit several items of course work which is assessed. The combined results of all assessments determine the awarding of the Live Sound Technology Certificate.

Britannia Row Productions Live Sound Training Team
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Brittania Row Production Live Sound Facility

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The course is taught by professional sound engineers and technicians. Some of these will be the course authors.

The course has been designed and written by professional, highly experienced sound engineers and technicians from Britannia Row Productions' staff and freelancers. Please see www.training.britanniarow.com/about/team/ for further details.

You will train on Midas, Yamaha, Digico and Avid consoles.

Students from the EU and EEA are able to take the course as they do not require a study visa for the UK.

Applicants from countries outside the EU can apply for Student Visitor Visa. Britannia Row Productions Training is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as a Short Course Provider. Accreditation covers courses delivered in the UK only.".

At this early stage we do not receive any government funding and there are no loan arrangements in place. We intend to pursue for making the course more accessible. The currently published fees are the pure, unsubsidised costs for training of this intensity, specialism and level.

No. This is a very intensive course, with over 330 hours of organised study time over 12 weeks. Typical days run from 10:30am to 6:00pm, with additional practice time available in the evening until 8:00pm. Most weeks also have activities on Saturdays. Among the assessment items is also coursework that trainees have to work on during their own time. In summary, it is not feasible to work during this full-time course.

Participants benefit from a very practical delivery format that in many ways resembles actual working practices as closely and as often as possible. However, trainees do not get involved with or used for actual production work as the acceptable and required skill level is only reached once the course has been successfully passed.


The curriculum includes:

  • 2 gig visits: On these occasions trainees will observe and receive explanations of an actual professio
  • nal show, most importantly the setup
  • 2 "band days" (= practice concerts): These are planned, prepared, set up and run by students with actual musicians, but without audience


In addition there will be opportunities for additional gig visits, for example at the Roundhouse in Camden.

Currently this is not possible. The payment scheme is as follows:

  • 10% deposit at the time of accepting the offer of a place
  • balance of fees payable by the course start
The course takes place at 9 Osiers Road, Wandsworth, London SW18 1NL. Rail station Wandsworth Town and Underground station East Putney are in walking distance. A few activities during the course take place at Britannia Row Productions in Twickenham which is a 30 minute train journey from London Victoria Train Station.
"At Brit Row Training the staff take a genuine interest in their students which doesn't end with the course. A great introduction to the live music industry." Geoff Goddard, Brit Row LSTC 2013
"Fantastic course run by hard-working professionals in a great space. Highly recommend" Hannah Brodrick, Brit Row LSTC 2014

Class size is restricted to 16 so we advise that if possible applications and course fee deposits are submitted at least 3 months prior to the course start date. Please use the 'Register Interest' button or email info@alchemea.com to enquire about joining.

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