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Ableton 101: Production & Live Performance Essentials

£380 (2 days: Saturday & Sunday)

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This two‐day hands‐on course introduces students to the primary features and user interface of Ableton Live. Students will learn how to create their own song using Ableton Live’s comprehensive array of software instruments, loops and DSP effects. In‐depth lessons will cover MIDI and audio warping, recording, editing and arrangement techniques, key commands and automation. We will also introduce using Ableton for Live Performance. Audience This class is aimed at beginners who want to learn the essentials of music production and live performance using Ableton Live and who prefer hands‐on and interactive instruction to best explore its functionality.


Topics CoveredAbleton Live Courses in London

• Understanding Workflow Techniques

• Recording, Warping and Editing Audio

• Recording and Editing MIDI

• Using Software Instruments

• Working with Audio Effects

• Mixing and Automation

• Manipulating Pitch and Time

• Using Ableton for Live Performance



Prior to attending this course we recommend that students have a basic understanding of music technology and associated terminology. If you are in any doubt about your basic music tech proficiency you may wish to think about taking our 1‐Day Introduction to Music Technology course. If you are a beginner this course will speed up your journey to becoming a proficient Ableton Live user.


Take it to the next level

After completing our Ableton Live 101 course you can take your skills and confidence to the next level on one of our 1‐day Advanced Ableton Training modules:

• Ableton Live 301DJ: DJ & Live Performance Techniques

• Ableton Live 301MP: Advanced Production Techniques.


Take a bundle and save money

Save money by taking one of our following Ableton bundles:

1) Ableton Live Complete (101, 310DJ & 310MP): £740 (save £40)

2) Ableton Advanced (301DJ & 301MP): £380 (save £20)

Launching Ableton Live, preferences & registration, www.ableton.com, Live Packs, exploring the interface – session view and arrange view, navigation and zooming tools, essential shortcuts, file management & Live’s browsers, Live’s instruments and effects devices, Rewire explained.

Recording MIDI using Live instruments, quantizing a recording, creating a groove, merging new recordings, recording additional takes and overdubs, using external MIDI controller hardware.

Programming and editing MIDI, Importing MIDI, Editing MIDI Continuous Controller Events, Cleaning a MIDI Recording, 3rd party plug-ins.

Using the Simpler device, recording a single instrument, recording settings, live looping, punching in and out.

Managing computer performance, cropping and managing sets, importing audio loops, working with clips, adding groove, loop markers, clip envelopes, re-sampling.

Warping explained, analysis files, managing warp markers, clip parameters, sample parameters, the different warping modes for warping drums, music and vocals.

Programming drums using MIDI and audio, velocity and groove, programming a bass line using software instruments, programming a melody using software Instruments, adding sampled elements.

Working with session view scenes, regions in the timeline, cutting and pasting regions, repeating sections, arranging on the fly.

Preparing your track for mixing, navigating and understanding the mixer and it’s functions, assigning parameters to MIDI Controllers, inserting effects and Dynamic Processors, understanding compression, using busses and sends/returns, DAW efficiency, using level meters, advanced track automation.

Capturing live performances, exporting, Controller layout and features, setting up performance templates, assigning specific controllers, Macro controls, general performance tricks and tips

Listening session, student work, feedback

Alchemea are a Certified Ableton Live Training Centre. This should give you the confidence that our courses have been developed and will be delivered to a very high standard.

While Ableton itself does not not provide an official qualification you will receive a certificate of completion from Alchemea to show that you have attended this course.

Marcello Ruggiu Ableton Certified Trainer
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Oscar Pablos Salazar Ableton Live Trainer
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Short courses at Alchemea usually run from 10am - 6pm each day.
It is advisable to bring a notepad and a pen to take notes during the course. Everything else will be provided for you!
This venue for this course it at our Windsor Centre facility in Islington.

Alchemea College, The Windsor Centre, 15 - 29 Windsor Street, London, N1 8QG
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You will find the pre-requisites for this course over on the overview tab of this course page.
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It was a very comprehensive music production course and I feel like I know the software very well. The instructor was professional, he certainly knows his software in and out and took time to explain it well including the instruments and effects in detail. He also gave us his personal layout, tricks and pointers while creating projects and mixing and mastering tips using Live. I have benefited a lot from these two days studying with Marcello, I found him very professional and a confident instructor and has a great enthusiasm while teaching. Varun Sharma, Ableton Advanced Weekend
The course and tutor were really good, I learned so much in the 2 days. I'm definitely going to enroll on the advanced ableton courses! Ricardo Kevin Thomas, Ableton 101, 2013
"Alchemea's Ableton Live has allowed me to get my head around the new possibilities of more than just Djing. Reasonably easy to understand and friendly atmosphere!!" DJ Pathaan, Ableton Live 101: 2008
"Absolutely wikked Ableton Live course, it was fun and interesting at the same time. Surroundings and tutor were great. A big shout for Alchemea. See you again soon." Sanjeev Bhardwaj (Sanj - Technical Manager f a b r i c ), Ableton Live 101: 2008
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